Wedding transfer service in Lake Garda area

wedding transfer service in lake garda area

Wedding transfer service in Lake Garda area

Crippa NCC offers an high class wedding transfer service in Lake Garda area. An entrance with a showy car is a classic prelude for a magnificent ceremony. The bride and the groom can pick from our selection of classy cars. We also have vehicles suited for large groups of people. We can transfer guests, from and to the airport, and to the different locations in which the wedding takes place.

A classy car for your wedding transfer service in Lake Garda area

Crippa NCC offers an high class vehicle selection for your wedding transfer service in Lake Garda area.

The selected vehicle will come with a professional driver, able to speak English, German, French and Russian and to handle all the customers’ demands. He will pick up the bride, the groom, or the guests who needs to be transferred, everywhere they are waiting for their stylish yet comfortable ride. The passengers will be taken to the site of the ceremony (church, chapel, town hall, and so on), and then to the restaurant (or alternative location) for the wedding reception.

Wedding service Crippa NCC transfer Lake garda Area

Guests can group up and organize for a group transfer, thus obtaining a fully automated wedding trip. From the airplane, right to the ceremony and back. A solution best suited for those who don’t want to lose the trending wedding abroad, without having to plan a full vacation. Anyhow, our partnerships ensure a first class treatment from all the major hotels. So guests have the choice to extend their stay and enjoy the full experience of the wedding.

Top 5 location for your wedding in Lake Garda area

If you are planning your wedding, Lake Garda is the ideal place to spend this unforgettable moment of your life. Here we suggest you a list of the most beautiful location in Lake Garda area.

  • Palace Hotel Villa Cortine: one of the most exclusive and prestigious locations on Lake Garda, located in the magical Sirmione. It is an imposing structure that dominates the fantastic village and has a view that leaves everyone speechless.

wedding transfer service in lake garda area villa

  • La Casa degli Spiriti: one of the most sought after restaurants in the Lake Garda area. For several years it has been chosen by many honeymoon couples from all over the world to organize an amazing wedding reception. Located in Costermano, the location  is really amazing. It is only a few kilometers from the lake shores, with a unique view of Lake Garda.
  • Hotel Lido Palace: a fantastic building from the late nineteenth century in Riva del Garda. It still maintains the charm of the past, enjoying one of the most beautiful views of the Lake.

    wedding lake garda lido palace

  • Dogana Veneta: a historic building of 1300, which is located near the ancient port of the lakeside town of Lazise, ​​on the veronese shore of Lake Garda. This picturesque location  was used as a customs for transit of goods between Lombardy and the Republic of Venice during the Venetian era. It has an attractive terrace overlooking the lake, which can be used for an aperitif or cutting the cake.

wedding transfer service lake garda dogana

  • Villa Cordevigo: located on a hill overlooking Lake Garda in the village of Cavaion Veronese. It is a XVIII century villa, a beautiful mansion that was home to noble families. It is also one of the most beautiful and sought after hotels in Italy. You will be surrounded by unspoiled nature, where you can be lulled by the gentle gush of historical fountains, at the shadow of the towering old trees, which make the divine garden of the estate.


Crippa NCC is the best choice for wedding transfer service in Lake Garda area. You can ask for a quote on our website and book with just a phone call.

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